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Flexible & Efficient
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International Trade

Experts in Europe-Asia-Pacific Trade and Supply Chain Management

Excellent Wine

Germany. France. Italian. Australia. 
Selected region. Selected variety. Best vintage. Excellent Winemaking Process

Hi-tech in Health

Hi-tech in Health

EMS. Muscles training. Body shaping and fat reduction. Activated cell

Eco Industrial Material

Eco Industrial Material

Ecology. Conservation. Optimization.
High standard.  Recycling technology.  Economic production


One-stop, Multimodal, Comprehensive solution through logistics services


By leverage network and integrating resources, our flexible services offer clients free combination of transportation, free restrain in cargo size and variety, free limitation of time schedule, free conversation among clients.


Intensive working schedule, quick respond, responsible for through supply chain, more than 15 years professional experiences, stable global network, provide clients the most reliable and trustful services.


Try the best to avoid wasting materials, energy, efforts, money, and time for our clients.


Customized Door to Door Through forwarding services, Both in Trading, logistics, international settlement and services management, we are professional in providing the most valuable solution and execution.


SCM Consulting

Professional survey. Comprehensive solution. Optimization.

  • Market analysis and survey in EU and Asia-Pacific Trade.
  • Contract design and negotiation solution.
  • Logistics solution and execution.
  • Financial plan and optimization.
  • Supply Chain Management and Optimization.
  • Production and warehouse logistics planning.
  • Planning and optimization of production and logistics networks.
  • Realization of Lean Production and Lean Logistics (“perfect lean”).
  • New technic and new ideas in Supply Chain Management – E-commerce, Industry 4.0, big data, intelligent logistics, Internet of Everything.
  • Organize study tour for enterprises, instructors and students both in professional level, academic level and practical level.
  • Lean International Institute online education is coming.


More than 15 years experiences in International Trade and Logistics Management. Know-how in operation, integration and added valuation.

Dedicated in customized services, particularly serving for SME, providing highly efficient and comprehensive services and solutions.

Reliable and efficient network between Europe-Asian. Integration of resources from door to door, including transportation, declaration, distribution and flow information.

  • +49 421 2419 7751
  • +49 421 2419 7751
  • Elsasser Straße 27, 28211 Bremen, Germany

Lean International SCM GmbH is based in Bremen, Germany. We dedicated to provide high quality products and qualified services for clients in EU and Asia-pacific so as to assist clients to build their own business system.

By planning Lean and customized solution for whole supply chain, organizing Professional team to provide professional solution and services through the whole Supply Chain, we are passionate to become your business-keeper who know your products very well and execute best solution from Manufacturer to your Clients.

Through integrating EU and Asia-Pacific network and flexible coordination mechanism, we also dedicated to assist Small-Medium-Enterprises (SME) developing their international market and providing customized services. Both in Trading, logistics, international settlement and services management, we are professional in providing the most valuable solution and execution.

Sincerely welcome prosperous cooperation with excellent business partners in worldwide.


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Lean International SCM GmbH
  • +49 421 2419 7751
  • Elsasser Straße 27, 28211 Bremen, Germany